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Blind Hem Foot

Introducing the new blindstitch presser foot! This is a low shank foot that is adjustable to fit any foot width. It comes with an adjustable hemline and presser foot for a perfect fit. One of our most popular products, the blindstitch presser foot has a following because of its simple, easy to use instructions and its low cost.

Baby Lock Blind Hem Foot

Baby Lock Blind Hem Foot

By Unbranded


Singer Blind Hem Foot

Kenmore Blind Hem Foot

The kenmore blind hem foot pulley is a great way to increase the efficiency of today's kenmore appliances. this pully allows the feet of purposes-including dogs and humans-to move easily under the mirror edge. the pully creates a more efficient flow of air through the appliance, which can help to reduce emissions of noise and smoke.

Blind Hem Foot Amazon

Thisblind hem foot key chain is made of brotherkenmore white 10400. It has 2 presser feet and is made of stainless steel. It has a size of 10inchers. the blind hem foot is a presser foot that is inspired by the slant shank design. This foot has a v-shaped presser foot with a slant forward motion. The slant is inspired by the modern corporate office. The presser foot has a slant forward motion and a v-shaped presser head. The slant-o-matic presser foot has a slant forward motion with a v-shaped presser head. This foot is inspired by the slant shank presser foot. the kenmore adjustable blind hem foot fits low shank models is a great footbed for those with low feet. It is made from durable and comfortable materials, and fits many feet. The footbed is adjustable, so that it fits everyone effectively and easily. the janome blind hem foot g is a great foot piece for those with sensitive feet. The foot piece has a thickness change technology that allows you to change the thickness of your/your foot's skin. This will then allow you to experience how your blind hem action feels. this foot piece is also ergonomic, which means that it will fit most feet well. The janome blind hem foot g is made of plastic and is plastic free.