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Toyota Prius Blind Spot Mirror

The toyota prius blind spot mirror is perfect for when you need to see right where you're driving. It's heat-affected with a fold-away power warmsmirror for added functionality. Therh (replacement light bulb) matches the type of light in your car, so you can stay safe when you're driving around town. The blind spot mirror is available in both a male and female model.

Toyota Prius Blind Spot Mirror Walmart

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Toyota Prius Blind Spot Mirror Ebay

This 2 adjustable blind spot mirror is a great choice for those who want a wide angle rear view mirror and want the importance of it to be known. The mirror is adhesive and will last long in the environment since it will not peel off. our mirror glass is perfect for the c-type and prius. It is made from high-quality glass, and is replacement for the old mirror glass. It is not only beautiful but also reliable and easy to clean. this is a perfect oem mirror for yourtoyota prius. It has a blind spot mirror momentary target mirror in the side, so you can just a look in the mirror and not have to worry about someone else seeing you. The side mirror is also perfect for when you're following a friend or loved one and don't want them to see you in the mirror. the toyota prius blind spot mirror is perfect for those who want to see who is or is not driving in the car. The mirror has a +infinity light on it and can be used in either direction.